Your New Boiler Working in an old System

If you choose SWR to install your new boiler and decide not to have new radiators and pipe work then we may need to cleanse your old system. It is a requirement of all boiler manufacturers as well as part L of the building regulation that when installing a new boiler onto an old heating system that the system is flushed through to remove any build up of sludge

The most effective way of removing this sludge is by attaching our Magna cleanse machine which utilizes the latest magnetic technology to extract even the tiniest particles from your old system. This system does not use harsh chemicals that may weaken or even pull joints.

Removing your sludge using our Magna Clean Power Flush Filter system

The picture shows an engineer going through the power flushing process.  We essentially divert your heating system through our machine. The system is filtered through two giant magnets that catch and hold the metallic sludge and debris. The sludge you can see being collected on the machines magnets are as a result of rusting, corrosion, and the age of an old heating system. The magnets are wiped and the process continues until all system and magnets are clear.

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