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Natural gas and propane (LPG) installs…

Cooker installation

Although not the most challenging job, a cooker installation still requires a degree of knowledge. For example, what fittings to use, where to use them, how to secure the cooker and most importantly… testing.

We are very familiar with the gas regulations and our knowledge is put into practice many times throughout the year.

If you call us for a cooker installation, the price we give is the total price paid.

This will include any standard fittings required (including a new hose), a safe means of preventing the cooker from tipping and fully testing the new appliance.

Need the cooker or hob converted to propane (LPG)?

You may be running on propane gas (LPG), not a problem. We are qualified to work on this particular family of gas. Manufactures rarely set cookers or hobs  to propane. Typically they arrive as natural gas and have to be converted. We can do that also.

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